About Helle Sydendal

Helle Sydendal

Born: 1964
Journalist, bestselling author, and patient advocate
Chairman of the board at DDHL – The Danish National Association for Hypothyroidism
Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism in 2008
Married to Palle, and mother of two boys


“I had to change doctors several times before I could find the medication I needed to thrive . Today, I lead a perfectly normal life.
Before I had my combination treatment, I did not even have the energy to walk my dogs.

– Helle Sydendal

Helle Sydendal is a journalist, a bestselling author, and she has held managerial positions in the media business before suddenly finding that she could barely drag herself to the couch for a nap.

Her doctor told her to exercise and eat healthy food – which she was already doing. She was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism in 2008 after having been sick for years. Unfortunately, standard medication did not improve Helle’s condition, so much so that finding the right treatment was quite a challenge.


Why I wrote this book:

 “I bought so many books as part of my efforts to get better.  However, due to brain fog and the difficulty  of concentrating and remembering, I couldn’t read them.


“Today, I am well. I got my life back from hypothyroidism when I changed to another doctor who altered my medicine. I can read, write and do research again. That is pretty cool, especially as I am a journalist, for when I am not able to do those – I can’t do my job.”

“I will never forget the time when I could neither read nor write. It was the worst years of my life.”

“So I decided to write a book that is readable, even for those who are sick from hypothyroidism – like I was. Even though the book is thorough and in-depth – it is easy to read, very structured, and has lots of illustrations and tables. I also decided to be very straightforward on the issues that matter – and leave out the rest.”