I bought so many books – but I couldn’t read them because of my symptoms

“I bought so many books as part of my efforts to get better. However, due to brain fog and the difficulty of concentrating and remembering, I couldn’t read them.


 “Today, I am well. I got my life back from hypothyroidism when I changed to another doctor who altered my medicine. I can read, write and do research again. That is pretty cool, especially as I am a journalist, for when I am not able to do those – I can’t do my job.”

“I will never forget the time when I could neither read nor write. It was the worst years of my life.”

“So I decided to write a book that is readable, even for those who are sick from hypothyroidism – like I was. Even though the book is thorough and in-depth – it is easy to read, very structured, and has lots of illustrations and tables. I also decided to be very straightforward on the issues that matter – and leave out the rest.”


“For those of you who still have difficulty with reading, I have made this Quick Guide especially for you.”


If you are totally drained of energy, have brain fog and can’t read a whole book, you should know that this is normal for people with hypothyroidism who are untreated or not treated properly.

The Quick Guide is for those of you who do not have the energy to read the whole book. It will guide you through to a diagnosis and successful treatment step by step.


Examples from the Quick Guide:

s 234-235   s 236-237 quick

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