Do you have comments for the book From Hypothyroid to Healthy?
Or perhaps ideas for the next edition of the book?

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  • Thank you for your lovely write up I was the same as you had T3 reverse? lots of antibodies since taking t3 feel marvellous and I am a new women I have a great business now had very poor low self esteem before that tiny t3 turned my life around .
    Made me look amazing and well after 10 years of feeling just weary horrid and introverted , I am glad it has word for your too , it all hard to explain as you feel so ill and dreadful for such a long time then bing you feel great on one tiny tablet , It makes me sad for my lost years in my prime and read so many misdiagnose people it is criminal .
    But I am determined to live my life to the full
    best wishes Jacky

    • Thank you, Jacky. Great to hear from you – and so fantastic that you also got the “real you” back when getting the right medication. It can give hope to those who are not yet receiving a treatment that works for them.
      All the best,

  • i would like to by a book but don’t know where ?
    Looked on Amazon but it’s not giving me a right to by ,please let me know !THank you

  • Abs

    Hi Helle,

    My experience is very similar to yours and I’m a bit of a wreck at the moment. I am diagnosed hypothyroid and on t4 but still feel terrible and gaining weight rapidly. My poor kids (1 &3 yrs) are suffering because I’m just so tired. I’ve been to see the doctor and consultants but I always get the same response of labs ok on t4.

    Do you know the name of any private doctors/consultants in the uk that might actually listen to me!?

    Many thanks

  • Jacky

    Hello i have cried for reading your blog i have the same problems i have euthyrox and i become worse and worse now .
    I want to ask my doctor for liothyronine do they have this in the Netherlands or is the name different? I hope you let me know.
    I want to buy your book but where? I live in The Netherlands.
    Hope to hear from you


    • Dear Jacky,
      I am so sorry that you have to go through the same as I did. I don’t know about the Netherlands – however, you should be able to try out Liothyronin – it is mentioned in the European guidelines:
      Unfortunately these guidelines suggest a very low dose of T3 – and that is not enough for a lot of patients – and not for me either.
      You could also see a doctor in Germany – here you can get Novothyrel – is is combination medicine containing both T3 and T4. Maybe you can have that in the Netherlands, too?
      Otherwise I will advise you to find a holistic doctor who might want to prescribe NDT, natural desiccated thyroid, to you.

      Good luck,

  • Tori West

    Hi Helle,
    Thank you for writing your book! I read it all yesterday and relate so much to your experiences. After years without success trying to feel well by just taking T4 (Synthroid), I requested to be allowed to add T3 (Cytomel) based on my own research motivated by desperation to feel better. Though I have felt improvement since changing to this about 10 years ago, I still have persistent symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, never waking up refreshed, and cold extremities. Reading your story gave me hope that maybe I too can feel even better if I work with these medications more carefully, as neither I nor my doctors know much about how to find the best dose of each medication and how to best take it. This is what I would like your help with! I take 88mcg of Synthroid and 7mcg of Cytomel first thing in the morning an hour before I eat. I occasionally adjust my Cytomel about 2mcg at a time if I start to feel hyperthyroid symptoms or worsening hypothyroid symptoms, and my doctor just monitors my TSH. What doses have worked for you? How do you divide them throughout the day? How do you know which medication to adjust if needed? Thanks in advance for any insights you can offer. I look forward to letting you know when I too am free of my symptoms!

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