Low T3 in the heart can cause heart failure

Low T3 in the heart can cause heart failure

Low levels of T3 in the heart tissue can cause heart failure according to a study from the National Institute of Health and the American Diabetes Association.

Usually, thyroid hormones are measured in the blood, but researchers of this study have concluded that there is no coherence between the level of T3 in the blood sample and that, for example, in the heart tissue: a person with heart disease and low T3 in the heart tissue may have normal blood tests, these researchers say.

The study points out that there is clearly a need to pay more attention to the effect of low levels of T3 in the heart, and what role it plays in the development of heart failure.

The researchers state that many doctors fear T3-treatment, and doctors in general tend to completely avoid treating heart patients with thyroid hormones.

The scientists have obtained such good results in a study performed on rats with mild diabetes, so the next step is to do clinical trials on humans.

The purpose is to examine the extent to which heart failure is caused by a diagnosed disease, and to what extent it is actually caused by low levels of T3 in the heart.


Source: National Institutes of Health and the American Diabetes Association


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Low T3 in the heart can cause heart failure



  • Tammy Daeke

    My T4 is like at a 10. I’ve started having fluid build up in my legs. They just increased my synthroid. I’m no better

    • Tammy, if you don’t feel better on the T4-only treatment, ask your doctor to try giving you a supplement of T3 together with the T4-medicatoin – or ask him schwitch you to NDT – natural desiccated thyroid.
      If the doctor is not willing to do this – try finding another doctor.
      I felt horrible for years – I feel completely healthy today. So remember, there is hope – and don’t give up.
      Good luck,

  • Denise castro

    I have recently been prescribed t3 since t4 was not taking care of my systems but after 3 weeks of using it I feel the same if not worse! I am awaiting for my lab results wishing & praying I don’t have hashimoto disease! Depending on the tesults I will request Armour! I can’t go on feeling this horrible most frightening way! I can’t concentrate for any thing, so so fatigued, pains everywhere I feel so useless!

  • Denise, let it be said – some people do better on NDT and can’t tolereate the synthectic medicine.

    But, I have met many people, who started on combination therapy who felt worse in the beginning. The reason was that the doctor added a only little T3 and lowered the amount of T4. So these patiens actually started getting hypothyroid symptoms again.

    I don’t know if that is the case for you – but you could try to talk to your doctor about it. Also look at your lab tests and find out if you and T4 and T3 are low in the reference range.

    Now, I am not a doctor. But I am a hypothyroid patient – and when I hear your symptoms, it sounds for me like symptoms of being undertreated.

    I myself is treated with T3 and T4. Recenty I tried to lower my intake of T3 – because I thought I could and because I feel invulnerable. That is how well I feel today when i take my medication regularly.

    However, it was the most stupid thing that I did – because all the symptoms came back. I couldn’t concentrate, I had fatique again – and my joints and muscles started hurting so I could hardly get up of a chair. When I went back on the high dose of T3 – the symptoms disappered again.

    Denise, please don’t feel useless. If anybody is useless it is the doctor who does not listen to your symptoms. I really hope that you can talk to your doctor – or have the possibility to try another doctor.

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