Presidential Candidate Treated with Natural Desiccated Thyroid

The presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is being treated with natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) for hypothyroidism. This medicine should be allowed for all hypothyroid patients.

But that is not the case. Unfortunately only few doctors let patients try out this kind of therapy – and unfortunately this seems to be the case worldwide.

Hopefully this is going to change now that it is public knowledge that Hillary Clinton is treated with NDT. Thank you to Hillary Clinton for being open about her disease and treatment.

Read more at my guest-blog at HypothyroidMom:

Thank you HypothyroidMom for sharing my guest-blog – and thank you with all my heart for all the great work you do to raise awareness of hypothyroidism.



  • Jeri M

    Just because we read Hillary is on NDT, does not make it so.

  • Liza

    thanks for a great article Halle.
    My issue is my functional medical doctor has diagnosed me with Hashimotos, but I have no symptoms, apart from feeling more pre-menstrual.
    Based on blood tests my antibodies are low (and 2 siblings take meds for thyroid). I suggested Armour (I’m a holistic nutrition, so eat and live very ‘clean’) but she, even as a Functional Pratictioner, feels that Thyroxine is more effective. Also, she thinks Armour is like to impact auto-immune more.

    As I’ve not symptoms (yet…) I’m a bit confused.

    Any thoughts?

    • Dear Liza,
      Thank you, i’m glad you liked the article. .
      If you don’t have symptoms, you might not need thyroid supplementation, yet. However, if your functional practitioner wants to start treating you – he / she may have noticed low levels of T3 and T4 (thyroid hormones) in your labs. And maybe the doctor is trying to forestall any symptoms. You will have to talk to the doctor about that.
      About Thyroxine or Amour (NDT): I know many people who are doing fine on Thyroxine. One good thing about this medicine is that is is easy take – just once a day.
      If you take NDT – or T3 – you will often have to take the medicine several times a day (depending on the dose). So if you feel good on Thyroxine – it is easier.
      However – if you don’t feel good on Thyroxine it is certainly worth trying Armour.
      You could try Thyroxine – and if you don’t feel good you can switch to Amour. It is a personal choice if you rather want to start on Amour. I believe the right medicine is the one that makes you feel good – and if you feel on on Thyroxine, it doesn’t matter that it is synthetic


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