About the book: From Hypothyroid to Healthy

From Hypothyroid to Healthy
Get your life back with Successful Diagnosis and Treatment

By Helle Sydendal

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Publisher: PH Medier
ISBN: 9788799483563
Pages: 248
Color illustrations

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This is the book that may change your life. This book will tell you all you need to know about the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism – low thyroid function.

The bestselling Scandinavian paperback, now adapted to US audience.

The easy-to-read-book

This is a book about hypothyroidism that everybody is able to read – even if your brain is not working as it used to. It is richly illustrated with color photos, graphic and easy-to-understand tables.

Are you still suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism – and have only been offered one kind of treatment that is not really helpful to you?

This book will explain everything you need to know
about expanded testing and treatment.


In-depth – but still easy to read

Get all the information you need about diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, most doctors rely on a single blood test which is not reliable at all. Medication might also be an issue – not all doctors agree with different kinds of treatment. You need to be informed on making demands for a successful treatment.


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The Quick Guide

Read the honest and heartbreaking stories of people living with hypothyroidism, among others: Michelle Bickford, President, ThyroidChange and Dana Trentinin, founder of HypothyroidMom


Content in the book:

bog cover til venstre kvadratisk

Helle got her life back

In this book, you will read about Helle Sydendal’s own story, how she became sick, gradually became more and more fatigue, gained weight, and then lost memory and concentration.

Moreover, and worst of all, she also lost her intellect and personality.

You will hear how she was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism but then was offered a treatment that simply had no effect on her.

You will hear about her struggle to find a proper treatment, how she would change doctors several times until she eventually got the one with the appropriate competence to treat her illness.

  • Foreword written by Michelle Bickford, president, ThyroidChange_
  • Together, We are Creating the ThyroidChange of the future
  • Introduction: Hypothyroidism Can Ruin Your life
  • Chapter 1: How I Suddenly Became Overweight, Tired and Lost Focus
  • Chapter 2: What Is Hypothyroidism?
  • Chapter 3: Why Do You Get Hypothyroidism?
  • Chapter 4: Hypothyroidism Has so Many Different Symptoms
  • Chapter 5: What Does Hypothyroidism Feel Like?
  • Chapter 6: Could You Be Hypothyroid?
  • Chapter 7: Get Your Doctor to Perform the Right Tests
  • Chapter 8: Be Sure to Get the Right Medication and the Right Dose
  • Chapter 9: Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy
  • Chapter 10: Living with Hypothyroidism
  • Chapter 11: Help – My Wife Forgets Everything
  • Chapter 12:A Lot of People Have Hypothyroidism
  • Lorie Bird: It’s Normal to Be Tired When You Have Kids, Isn’t It?
  • Dana Trentini: I Trusted My Doctors …
  • Michael Vilhelmsen: I Felt Sick but I Kept It to Myself
  • Mia Nielsen: Low Thyroid Function from Dietary Supplements
  • Michelle Bickford: Michelle Lived Her Whole Life with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism
  • Kirsten Matthiesen: T4-medication Gave Me Back My Memory and Energy
  • Sarah Downing: The Weight Gain Ruined My Life
  • Stacy Millman: You Have a Little Bit of Cancer!
  • The Quick Guide For those of you who do not have the energy to read the whole book

The Quick Guide

The Quick Guide is for those who do not have the energy to read the whole book. It will guide you through to a diagnosis and successful treatment step by step. Before I got sick, I always had an answer at hand and had never been afraid of taking part in a healthy discussion . But then things changed. Suddenly I could no longer spontaneously contribute to a discussion. For those of you who feel like this, too, I have created a “roleplay” so that you can practice it at home and have an answer ready for when the doctor, for example, will not take the right blood tests.


… it all depends on the individual

Hypothyroidism develops differently from person to person. Most people have hypothyroidism for life, and in most cases the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the culprit. But you can also get hypothyroidism, low thyroid function – if you have your thyroid – or some of it – removed. Usually, hypothyroidism is treated with only one kind of medication (T4). And far from it, not all will get well on account of this medication. Thankfully, there are other kinds of medications and this book will guide you through them.



“Every day, millions of people struggle with diets and exercise in the hope of losing weight or increasing their energy and vitality. But many of them are doomed to fail. They never had a chance to lose weight or increase their energy in the first place because they are suffering from the common, but often overlooked and undertreated, condition known as hypothyroidism.”


Sample pages from the book:


This is just a small selection of the pages of the book which is richly illustrated with colour Pictures.

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