The book on hypothyroidism that may change your life

Helle Sydendal, hypothyroidism,

This book will tell you all you need to know about the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism – low thyroid function.

This is a book about hypothyroidism that everybody is able to read – even if your brain is not working as it used to. It is richly illustrated with color photos, graphic and easy-to-understand tables.

Are you still suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism – and have only been offered one kind of treatment that is not really helpful to you?

This book will explain everything you need to know about expanded testing and treatment.

This bestselling Scandinavian paperback, now adapted to US audience, includes eight case stories.

Read the honest and heartbreaking stories of people living with hypothyroidism:


Find your path to a restored health by reading From Hypothyroid to Healthy.