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Helle Sydendal, Hypothyroid to Healthy, dogs, puppies

Thank you for reading my blog. I have been blogging about hypothyroidism for some years now in Denmark. However, many people from other countries have often told me that it is difficult if not impossible for them to read Danish.

And so, I am launching my first blog in English – and I really hope that you will like it. There are only 5.5 million of us who speak Danish, such that it feels great to think that a lot more people will now be able to read my blogposts.

For me, it feels pretty natural to write in English. As a teenager, I lived for some years in the US with my parents, and there I went to Junior High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, where I lived for a couple of years.

Since then I have spent several holidays with my family in the US – from the northern states to the southern ones. I love the US, and so do my husband and kids.

Whenever possible, I also prefer to take courses in journalism in the United States rather than in Denmark where I now live. In other words, I’d welcome any opportunity to visit or travel in the US.

So here it is – my blog in English.

Still, it goes without saying that I am not a native speaker when it comes to English. So if you find any mistakes in my blogposts, please let me know via email. I would really appreciate that.

I really hope that you will like my blog and my book From Hypothyroid to Healthy.

In addition, I hope that you will find some inspiration from my book on the art of living well with hypothyroidism. I am thriving today, but it was not always like that.

My friend and fellow thyroid advocate, Dana Trentini, has published my story on her fabulous website, www.hypothyroidmom.com. You may read my story here.


All the best,
Helle Sydendal Journalist and author


Helle Sydendal, Hypothyroid to Healthy, dogs, puppies

The hobby of Helle Sydendal, author of From Hypothyroid to Healthy, is dogs: “But when I was on T4-only medication I didn’t have the energy to enjoy my dogs.”



  • I am an Australian living and working currently in New York. I was diagnosed in 1993 and have been on T4 since then. In the last 7 weeks i have switched to T3. It is hard to get the right support but am hoping I am on the road to recovery and avoidance of a secondary autoimmune disease. Congrats on your public posts and book. Thank goodness Hilary Clinton has also gone public and is on NDT! Maybe Americans may begin to be supported by insurance companies now.

    • Pamela, great to hear that you have been switched to T3. I really hope it works for you.
      It really works great for me.
      Yes – it is fantastic that Hillary Clinton has gone public – it must certainly change the perception of NDT among doctors and insurance companies knowing that a presidential candidate is taking it.


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